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Perhaps they enjoy the intellectual acrobatics required for engaging instruction. Or maybe they feel fulfilled when they see students succeed. Some feel compelled to make a different type of impact. If you count yourself among them, you could have any of reasons for contemplating a career change.

Whether the decision to take your career in a different direction is due to burnout, a desire to increase your earning potential or simply an insatiable itch for change, rest assured there are a of alternative careers for someone with your background. us as we explore some of the additional opportunities to leverage your existing experience. Kathy Theuerprofessor and associate dean of the School of Education at Brandman University, maintains there are a of transferable teaching skills educators learn in the classroom that could help them excel in alternative career paths.

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According to data compiled by the U. Department of Laborqualified elementary, middle and secondary educators typically possess a skill set that includes the following:. Take the Next Step.

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This list indicates that the skills of a good teacher enable seasoned educators to be transplanted into numerous other career paths with relative ease. Some teachers may want to explore alternative career opportunities, but still feel a sense of belonging within the education industry. Rather than teaching students directly, principals manage all school operations to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for students and staff alike. Also called instructional coordinators, education specialists and program administrators, curriculum specialists develop instructional material, coordinate with teachers and principals to implement it and, later, assess its efficacy.

They maintain a working knowledge of teaching standards and techniques established by school boards. Curriculum specialists also work to ensure these criteria are continually met. Curriculum specialists may be asked to observe teachers in the classroom, review student test and interview school staff about the curricula in use. Educators who have spent years working within a school system are no stranger to the academic and social struggles common among young learners.

With that in mind, many consider it a natural transition to shift from a teaching position to a career as a school counselor. School counselors tend to the social and emotional needs of students while also helping them explore their interests and potential career options. Rest assured that there are ways to leverage your teaching experience in new ways—and new industries. Working as a corporate traineralso called a training and development specialist, your experience developing lesson plans and instructing class sessions could come full circle as you guide adults through their professional development.

They must also have some related work experience in areas like training and development, teaching or human resources. Former educators, obviously, may have a bit of a leg up in a role like this due to their understanding of different learning styles and strategies. Organizations in every industry have one core desire in common: They want to attract, motivate and retain qualified employees. This is why most companies employ a human resources HR manager. These duties may call upon the systems analysis, evaluation and problem-solving skills you gained while teaching.

The connection between teaching and working as a paralegal 20 and looking for a tutor in bed seem farfetched at first glance. Paralegals perform a variety of different duties to support lawyers. This can include conducting research on relevant laws, investigating and gathering the facts of a court case, organizing files, drafting important legal documents and writing or summarizing reports to help lawyers prepare for trial.

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Your penchant for writing, reading comprehension, communication and complex problem-solving can help you excel in a role like this. No matter your reasons for contemplating a transition, be reassured that there are plenty of alternative careers for teachers to choose from. As you venture toward changing careers, it can be helpful to consider the advice from those who have walked that path before you. This degree is deed for students seeking advancement opportunities in education or related fields who want to broaden their knowledge as scholar-practitioners with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction.

Through online learning and fieldwork, this program prepares you to become an elementary, middle, or high school principal. This certificate prepares the student with a basic understanding of the legal system and meets the California paralegal requirements. This certificate can also be used toward completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies. I understand that my consent is not required to attend Brandman University. Privacy Policy. Education Alternative careers for teachers: 6 Ways to leverage your teaching skills. September 24, by Brandman University.

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Interested in Learning More? Talk to an enrollment associate to learn about the different programs Brandman offers and start moving up in your career! Request Info. Teaching Career Education. Blogs Programs. What does a school counselor do? A closer look at this student-centric role. How to become a school principal: Your step-by-step guide toward educational leadership. MA in Education, Curriculum and Instruction. Undergraduate Certificate in Paralegal. Further your education with a few questions.

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20 and looking for a tutor in bed

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